Open Bars
(3-Hour Bar, 4-Hour Bar and 5-Hour Bar Available.)


Includes Fruit Punches, Juices, Sodas, and Sparkling Cider. 

Wine, Beer, and Punch (Includes)

Selected Vintage Wines, Selected Import and Domestic Beer,Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic Fruit Punch, Juices, Sodas, and a champagne

Wine Bar
Includes Selected Varietal Wines and Sodas.

Open Rail
Includes House/Rail Liquor, Domestic Beers, House Wines, Juices, Sodas, and a Champagne Toast.

Open Premium – 4-Hour Time Limit
Includes Selected Super Premium and Premium Liquors
(excludes certain Cognacs, Ports and Liqueurs).
Also includes Imported and Domestic Beers, Juices, Sodas and a Champagne Toast.

Champagne Toast

Includes an Individual Champagne Toast

We serve a full range of beverages from non-alcohol selections to premium spirits and cordials.

Count or Tally Bars
Each drink is charged individually.
Count Bar can be combined with an Open Bar (e.g. Open Wine Bar with Counted Cocktails).

Wine by the Bottle

Choose selections from our extensive Wine List.
Wines are charged by the bottle and only for the bottles served.

Alcohol Bar Options are based on guests at least 21 years of age.
All alcohol must be provided by The Kings Contrivance Restaurant.